For more than thirty years, Alfa Wassermann, Inc. instruments and products have been used in clinical laboratories all over the world for a wide range of diagnostic applications. These instruments are designed and produced with the aid of the most advanced technology, guaranteeing the accuracy of the laboratories’ analyses.

Alfa Wassermann, Inc. is also the preferred supplier of all the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers with which it works to assure the production capacity necessary to cope with possible pandemics.

Alfa Wassermann Diagnostic Technologies, LLC supplies a diverse customer base with a line of clinical chemistry analyzers offering a high degree of automation and reliability.

Alfa Wassermann Separations Technologies, LLC is a leader in separation technology with a line of ultracentrifuge equipment used by leading producers of influenza vaccine throughout the world and in other industrial and research applications.

The production facility is located in West Caldwell, New Jersey and international sales are coordinated by the associate company Alfa Wassermann B.V. based in The Netherlands.

"At Alfa Wassermann, we’re strategically focused on customer delight, high quality products and services, and a sense of urgency to achieve results.”
— Ira Nordlicht, CEO
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